Thursday, June 30, 2005


An Important Point - Wanted: A Constructive Opposition: "On these and other points, the Democrats could contribute to a victory in Iraq. But that isn't going to happen until more of them, or even some of them, switch from the Pottery Barn to the Home Depot rule: You Can Do It, We Can Help. Pace the New York Times on Lincoln, what's needed is not a policy. It's a constructive opposition."

This op-ed in the WSJ speaks ill of the Democrats for not having a plan. His point was to be partisan, but I think there are moderates, like myself, who want them to come up with alternatives so that we can have a real discussion on how to do this better. With one party so drunk with power as the Republicans seem to be and an ineffectual opposition with no ideas, the country is stuck with whatever this leadership comes up with. The great power of this system of free speech and checks and balances is that the other party has the capacity to make change. So far, we haven't seen them give it their best shot. Merely saying that it is going wrong may be a good political strategy, but it is a poor strategy if we really want to influence the way the war is progressing. We need two effective parties, and the Democrats are not holding up their end.

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