Thursday, June 02, 2005


Let's Be Real, Shall We?

'Deep Throat,' a Mystery No More (8 Letters) - New York Times: "One wonders how Mr. Buchanan would characterize President Nixon's actions leading up to and during the Watergate affair: spying on the Democrats, covering up a scandal of his own making, undermining our constitutional democracy and creating an imperial presidency."

This NYT's Letter to the Editor by Dan Woog of Westport, Connecticut misses an obvious point. Spying on opponents in politics and other competitive forums is common. How many precinct offices (of both the Republicans and Democrats) were broken into during the run-up to the last election? Weren't computers stolen? Of course, it could have been an ordinary thief, but it also could have been the opponent trying to get dirt to further themselves. I am unsure how holier-than-thou I feel about it, but I don't mistake its commonality.

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