Wednesday, June 01, 2005



Undermining police work - The Washington Times: Commentary - June 01, 2005: "She warns police forces should respect the reality that male and female officers are not interchangeable, adding the real-world effects of pretending otherwise are ugly. "

I agree, in principle, that men and women are different and should be treated as such. I also would say that we should not judge the ability of a wanna-be police officer or service person on gender, an arbitrary definition. Let's develop a set of standards that are realistic for the job using size, intellect, ethics, and the like, and allow those that fit into these positions, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It seems there would still be women who are strong enough for the positions as well as homosexuals who could hold their own. After seeing a story about a purple heart recipient who was discharged under the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy, we can all see the mistake we make in using these unreasonable criteria to define who are and are not fit to serve. If the purple heart is anything, it is a strong indicator of a person's ability to serve this country. Valor and strength cannot be judged on gender and orientation. They must be judged on other criteria in order to get the best people, not the one's that the Christian right see fit.

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