Thursday, June 09, 2005


Uh, What?

The Cincinnati Post - Feds: Rev. Davis stole from his church: "Rev. Larry Davis intends to continue as pastor of First Baptist Church of Cold Spring despite being accused in an indictment of stealing $792,000 from the church and not reporting $845,000 of income on his tax returns.
"He's going to continue and he has the support of church members to do that," said David Bray of Cold Spring, a church trustee. "I'm here to support him 100 percent, as I have through the whole mix-up. I support him because he's been a part of my life and my family life for the past 16 years. He is a good person."
Bray said he doubted the validity of the charges.
"I don't see any guilt he has done," he said. "If he is found guilty, I will still support him."
Church member Linda Alford of Alexandria said Davis is "absolutely innocent" and she and other church members will keep on defending him.
"We support Rev. Davis 100 percent," she said. "We pray for him. It's business as usual at the church. Everybody is fine at the church. We're doing God's work. Leave us alone."

First, who knew being a Church leader was so lucrative? Second, they are saying that even if he is found guilty by a judge or jury of his peers that they will support him after he stole from them and other parishioners. This is an amazing story. We should all be watching to see how it turns out.

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