Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Good Point, Nickie

All Ears for Tom Cruise, All Eyes on Brad Pitt - New York Times: "When I've asked television correspondents about this lapse, they've noted that visas to Sudan are difficult to get and that reporting in Darfur is expensive and dangerous. True, but TV crews could at least interview Darfur refugees in nearby Chad. After all, Diane Sawyer traveled to Africa this year - to interview Brad Pitt, underscoring the point that the networks are willing to devote resources to cover the African stories that they consider more important than genocide.
If only Michael Jackson's trial had been held in Darfur. Last month, CNN, Fox News, NBC, MSNBC, ABC and CBS collectively ran 55 times as many stories about Michael Jackson as they ran about genocide in Darfur."

I am a bit embarassed that I haven't sought out more information on it as well. I have been captivated by the blond girl in Aruba, but cared little to write about genocide. I will take Kristof's challenge and learn more about this.

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