Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Listen to Luke Stricklin, The Ultimate Singing Soldier

I just heard him singing on Fox News, and it made me emotional. Great voice and the sentiment is more than just patriotic, it's personal.
Of note from the bo on his website: "Some of his achievements while playing drums in high school were, being chose 1st chair 2nd band all-state jazz band, 1st chair 1st band all-state jazz band his junior year, also his junior year he was chose as the lead drummer for the four states jazz band (Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma) which was directed by guitar legend Les Pac (the third time he worked with Les) and had the opportunity of playing with a sax player from the prestigious 1:00 lab band from north Texas."
For those familiar with university jazz programs, North Texas has been one of the best for decades. My uncle, a professional musician, was first chair saxaphone player there. He beat out Lou Marino (best known for being the saxaphone player in Blues Brothers in the scene with Aretha Franklin, but now playing with James Taylor on tour) for first chair. He has never said it, but I think it is one of the accomplishments he is most proud of (even maybe prouder than playing for President Johnson at the White House with Stan Getz and Duke Ellington). He recently sent pictures of that day and tells a great story of drinking the leftover champagne with the guys. They were just drinking there on the White House lawn with Stan and Duke. Apparently, all of them, including Stan and Duke, felt it necessary to tend to nature's call there on the lawn of the White House.
Anyway, Luke has a very impressive background, even just to get to study with those in the program at North Texas.

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