Thursday, July 14, 2005


My Eyes Bug and My Stomach Hurts

Alfies Blog Blog Archive Tubes really are cunts. So are terrorists. And Tony Blair.: "Neville Chamberlain Says:
July 13th, 2005 at 5:50 pm
I believe we have mistreated the Jihadist. If we only understand them and treat them nicely I think things will be alright."

Don't mistake this. Neville and tons of others believe this. If a guy comes up and punches me in the nose, my first reaction is not to try to understand him. It should be to gather and defend myself, not sit down for a chat about how I have wronged him. That does not mean that after the event a thorough understanding of what caused him to punch me shouldn't occur, but rather that it is much further down on the to-do list. Another thing to consider is that we had many years to look into what caused these jihadists to take up arms against us. They didn't really just roll into the picture on 9/11. They had been bombing things including the WTC long before that fall morning. Governments and intelligence agencies all over the world have been working to try and understand them for years. If there was some creedence to their argument, anything at all, wouldn't that have been introduced by now? Wouldn't we have been parsing those valid arguments? What is sad is that folks like Neville see the "unfair" argument as a valid complaint. "It is unfair that democratic countries have more money, more freedom, more power, and therefore they are fully justified in trying to bring them down a notch." The better way to attempt to balance the scale is to do what India chose to do. They got in the game. They educated their people and enticed international companies to their shores. Through these jobs, the population had less to feel inferior about and more to protect (less likely to wage war). There is a grand wisdom in this strategy as opposed to those that choose to blow themselves and innocents up. Simply, it is the 'build yourself up' strategy as opposed to the 'woe is me' mindset. Now, even if you only believe that there a grain of truth in my analysis, it would be hard to formulate a strategy against these people. How would we now go about 'helping them' in order to keep them from blowing us up? I think there are also a lot of people that think that we should have let them blow us up a little more before going overseas so we could have had more international support. Is that support that important, such that we would be willing to lose even just one more of our countrymen in order to gain the acceptance of France, Germany, or Russia? Another question. How were we, democratic countries, not "treating them right" as they were forming the jihadist groups? We have been friendly to Saudi Arabia (where many of them have been from) for years, buying their resources, creating wealth in those countries. Even our bases create wealth in those countries. We have shown an overwhelming openness to Islamic immigrants, even after 9/11. We have never disallowed them into this country to share in our opportunity, etc. We trade with many of the Islamic countries, even sometimes, it seems, to our own detriment. We welcome, even now, Islamics into our neighborhoods and our lives without question. If that is not enough, then what would Neville and others like-minded folks have us do?

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