Saturday, July 16, 2005


Not "As Seen on TV" - Going Online for Your M.B.A. May Mean Showing Up for Class: "The student cost for this kind of hybrid approach to online business degrees ranges from school to school, though it is usually comparable to, or even more than, the cost of an on-campus M.B.A. Duke University's Cross-Continent M.B.A., which includes nine weeks of on-campus residency, runs $86,900, versus about $70,900 for regular daytime tuition. Whitman's iM.B.A. tuition is about $45,000, not including books, travel and hotel stays (Whitman's charges the same tuition for its day program). Missouri charges $28,560 for Professional M.B.A. students, compared with $15,600 for its evening program.
But are the students learning the same stuff? According to one report, yes. Researchers at Kent State and Colorado State University found in a 2002 study of 83 M.B.A. students that distance learners came away with equal, if not better, skills than their on-campus counterparts."

Distance learning is not what it used to be. When I was a kid, they would advertise for mail order courses, but this article proves that distance learning is really different now.

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