Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Reminder of How Blessed We Truly Are

U.N.: N. Koreans Scavenging for Food - Yahoo! News: "BEIJING - North Korea's government and international aid agencies are running short of food, forcing hungry people to scavenge for acorns, grass and seaweed, the U.N. food agency said Tuesday as talks on the North's nuclear program began in China's capital.
The United States has promised to send 50,000 tons of cereals to help feed millions of malnourished North Koreas, but that aid is not expected to arrive for three months, said Gerald Bourke, a Beijing-based spokesman for the World Food Program.
There is 'very little' left in WFP stockpiles in the North, Burke said, though he did not give exact figures. About one in three North Koreans are chronically malnourished, he said."

This is another story that we need to keep our eye on if only to remind ourselves of how amazingly good we have it. We should all thank the press for making human rights issues front page news today. My hope is that this will continue.

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