Thursday, July 14, 2005


What We Don't Know

Oh my, how the left is enjoying the Rove Leak Scandal. The press room is getting Flash News and News Alerts with live coverage. Joe Wilson and Chuck Schumer today calling for either his firing or at least a lifting of his security clearance. Given the secrecy of the Grand Jury, we don't yet know if he is the one who leaked the information to Novak, who is the one who actually wrote the first story. While we know he had access to finding out whether she was covert, we don't know if Rove actually went to verify that. We do not even know if she was covert or any real explanation of her job there. Most in the general public couldn't deny that she was just a secretary, because we just don't know. We don't really know who the Fitzgerald Grand Jury is truly investigating. We still don't know who Judith Miller is protecting. With the myriad unknowns, it seems as if the bloodthirsty folks out there have the chance, not necessarily a remote one, of stepping on their tongues on this one. I understand them not liking Rove, as he has helped win the White House and Congress for the Republicans as of late, but wouldn't it be wise to wait until there is something of value to hang your hat on before arguing his ouster? The reason this is so bothersome is that we are all starting to truly appreciate the value of a two party system where both have some power in order to check the other's power. When the Democrats jump out on a limb like this, they lose credibility at a time they need it most. I'd much like to see a split Congress after the next election, but as they make such obvious missteps, they risk that future for all of us. Democrats with a calculated winning strategy might just benefit us all.

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