Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Why Not a 'Million Muslim March'?

WSJ.com - Why Not a 'Million Muslim March'?: "Sadly, only the voices of Western political leaders constantly remind us that Islam is a 'religion of peace.' Where are the Muslims, especially those living in the West, who have the freedom to organize and make their voices heard? It seems that the only time we hear from the Muslim masses is when there are alleged desecrations of the Quran, or of prisoner abuse in Iraq. Where is the Muslim outrage, the mass protests to defend Islam, in whose sacred name murder is committed nearly every day, against what Western leaders describe as a 'perversion of its true nature'?
Alas, the battle against Islamism -- and also for the heart of Islam -- has become a battle for the West to fight. As a Muslim, these acts of terrorism committed by fellow Muslims -- and yes, they are Muslims, from whom we cannot distance ourselves by the sophistry that asserts that their version is but a perversion of Islam -- are a great source of shame. But what is more shameful is that there are no mass Muslim protests to speak of against terrorism that is committed in our name. In the same way that Muslims have protested against alleged desecrations of the Quran, they now should be out in full force in the streets of Cairo, London and New York, sending a clear message to the Islamists that Enough is Enough. Why not a 'Million Muslim March' on Washington, of law-abiding Muslim citizens clamoring to reclaim their faith from those who would kill innocents in its name? Muslims must no longer stand by while murder and suicide bombings are committed in their name."

Ahmed H. Al-Rahim is an Iraqi-American who has taught Arabic and Islamic studies at Harvard. It is heartening to see a professor of America's best and brightest saying things like this. After Sami Al-Arian, Americans were starting to think that colleges and universities were just another haven for Muslims who wished Americans and the West harm.

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