Friday, August 05, 2005


Grim Days for the Marines in Iraq (5 Letters) - New York Times

Grim Days for the Marines in Iraq (5 Letters) - New York Times: "I am struck by the detachment of the American people from the war in Iraq, an attitude encouraged by the administration. We are not really heartless, but the casualties are reported without drama, perhaps not on the front page or on the evening news; the occasional reporting of a total is easy to miss, or ignore."

The left and the right, in America, seem to think the worst of each other. In this NYT Letter to the Editor, the writer seems to say that those that support the war have a detachment to the loss of lives there. This is certainly not the first time I have read such silly statements. I support the war and have no such detachment. I read about the losses to remind myself of the cost, so that I can maintain a realistic and measured view of what we are doing there. Being from Northern Kentucky, part of the Greater Cincinnati area, I still pay close attention to their local news. After many Marines from Ohio lost their lives in one week, I read as many of the articles as I could. I wanted to know if they had children, what they had planned for their lives, and who was going to miss them. Putting life to the faces and names is important in understanding the full sacrifice over there. I wish I could do more for those families, and others nationwide, who have experienced similar loss. The best I can do now is show my little bit of support from a small blog in cyberspace. I don't feel detached. I feel saddened by the loss of men and women who would have contributed mightily to our society upon their return, but not detached.

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