Monday, September 12, 2005


Tom and Larry Join Forces Again?

Oracle Agrees to Acquire Siebel Systems for $5.85 Billion - New York Times: "The purchase is the company's seventh this year in its bid to become a one-stop source of customer databases and similar software. As tools for customer relations management, or C.R.M., the applications are designed to streamline customer interactions and to allow companies to better service and anticipate their customers' needs. Oracle put the segment's growth potential at $10 billion by 2009."

It makes me a bit nervous that these two are on the same team again. I was more comfortable with the agitation and competition between the two companies that was assumed among the software and global business community over the past several years. Maybe I am misunderstanding, but how this is not an issue for the SEC is, well, just bizarre. I was less nervous as it related to JDE, and slightly more so with PeopleSoft, but this is a really big deal. We all need to watch how this proceeds.

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