Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Here's An Excellent Question

Opinions: "If Christian conservative leader James Dobson is reassured by Harriet Miers's religion, why should I not be scared to death?"

This was my reaction too. The super religious do not represent me very well, because I do not hold all of their beliefs. Where I think the anti-abortion advocates have their heart in the right place, they may cause what could equal a new American civil war. It may not include the colors blue and grey or muskets, but it could be a great risk to our national stability. I am still unsure how I feel about abortion. I just fear changing the status quo, given the very heated debate that could result from such a decision. Let's not forget too that we are talking about a great number of things other than abortion. Do we want prayer in schools? Do we want the ten commandments up in government offices or schools? Do we want to declare ourselves a Christian nation when we have always had a national identity of a melting pot, both culturally and religiously? These are questions likely to be in front of Harriet and her robed friends. Do we want someone who is being touted by James Dobson? I am pretty sure I don't.

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