Sunday, October 09, 2005


An Intellectual Vote...No, Not for US President

Prospect: "Vote for the world's top public intellectuals"

OK, look, everyone who reads this knows that I have a healthy affection for Hitchens, but this gives us an opportunity to pay appropriate tribute. Put your vote in for my favorite chubby, balding bisexual.

As someone who is as completely and hopelessly admiring of Christopher Hitchens as you are I was struck by your comment here that he is bisexual. Is this true?

It would not really affect my opinion of him one way or the other but, as a bisexual male myself, who finds him deeply charismatic, it would be a pleasing thing to learn.

When I first started seeing Hitchy on Chris Matthews several years ago, I did internet searches to learn about him. There is no shortage of opinions and blog posts about the guy. On one of them, I saw a post (from another fan, if memory serves) saying that he had a tendency to make out with men as readily as women. It seems like they painted a picture of him feeling up/kissing some men at a bar, but I can't remember exactly where I saw this post. It may be linked here early in my days of CB. Feel free to look back through my posts, as I can't imagine not posting it, unless I read it pre-CB, which is possible.
With Hitchens, unlike most other bi-sexuals I have known, I wonder if his partaking is more about power than a true split attraction. I wonder if he sees men as simply something else he can conquer using his "blue eyes and sexual charisma" (as he once said). So to answer your question...I am not sure, but the suggestion of it certainly sparked my imagination. Thank you for reading and commenting on the blog. Cheers!
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