Thursday, October 27, 2005


Re-Post About Galloway

I wrote a post a few days ago on a story about Galloway's charges, but the post came out badly. Without the link and excerpt, I will post what I wrote in response as it has now become bigger news. It may be less necessary, but it was what I was thinking at the time.
-Galloway's Senate testimony was certainly big news. The fact that he likely lied and was a Saddam crony seems to be lost in the headlines. Let's see, he was just on Bill Maher's show recently. Do you think Maher will cover this? Naah. I didn't see it on any front pages. It was even just a small blip on Fox News as far as I could tell. This should be much bigger news, as his stature in Britain gave him a soapbox that it seems now was not deserved. When those that supported the war suggested to anti-war folks that some of the reason that people like Galloway, Chirac and Schroeder were anti-war was because they were trying to protect the fact that they were taking kick-backs, we were called conspiracy theorists. As my Dad sometimes says, "sometimes when someone thinks people are out to get them, it is because people are actually out to get them". Conspiracies are ususally not a favorite of mine, because they often cannot be proved. This time, however, we may just get proof. Let's all please show this man for the ever sleazy man he is, and not bury this story. It is a disservice to all that listened to him thinking he had a superiority over us dopes. Truth is, he was likely just continuing to cover up his crime.

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