Tuesday, October 25, 2005


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Husband Is Conspicuous in Leak Case: "But nobody disputes this: Possessed of a flamboyant style and a love for the camera lens, Wilson helped propel the unmasking of his wife's identity as a CIA operative into a sprawling, two-year legal probe that climaxes this week with the possible indictment of key White House officials. He also turned an arcane matter involving the Intelligence Identities Protection Act into a proxy fight over the administration's credibility and its case for war in Iraq."

The balance of this story in WaPo is worth the read. It gives a two-sided view of this man that needs to be contemplated as we near Fitzgerald's findings. None of us know what will come of the Grand Jury, and it seems silly to speculate. Republicans and Democrats alike seem to respect Fitzgerald, so we should just wait and see what has been found while keeping in mind how all of this came about. Kudos to Dana Milbank and Walter Pincus for a balanced story in WaPo today.

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