Friday, October 14, 2005


What Year is It?

BREITBART.COM - Just The News: "A far cry from sorcerers, satanists and other practitioners whom he dismisses as 'charlatans,' Italian exorcist Andrea Gemma fights the devil only with the strength of his prayers and advises Catholics: 'Don't do this at home'.
A rotund, expansive Neapolitan, the 74-year-old bishop was the first lecturer to face the Catholic Church's latest crop of budding exorcists at a unique course run by clergy at Rome's Pontifical Regina Apostolorum University. The course began Thursday and will run for several weeks.
Faced with a classroom of 50 priests intent on learning how best to take on the devil, the veteran Gemma profiles his ideal comrade at arms, spiritually-speaking: 'Live a holy life, work hard and be devoted to the Madonna'. "

How does one respond to such idiocy?

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