Thursday, November 10, 2005


Jordan is Not Your Average Islamic Country

Blasts at hotels in Jordan kill 57�-�World�-�The Washington Times, America's Newspaper: "King Abdullah II cut short his official visit to Kazakhstan and was returning home.
'The hand of justice will get to the criminals who targeted innocent secure civilians with their cowardly acts,' he said."

King Abdullah is no wimp when it comes to terrorism. He hasn't a use for Al Quaeda, and has been a considerable supporter of the U.S. They have been an ally of the U.S., both in Foreign Affairs, but also in trade, education, etc. for a long time. A friend of mine in college was from a wealthy family in Amman. The lived down the road from the then-Prince. I was intrigued constantly by how similar and then different our cultures were. On the one hand, arranged marriages to cousins was not terribly abnormal, but yet women could run businesses and were not the property of their mate. Unlike other predominantly Muslim countries, Jordan was far more contemporary. When I think of these awful things happening there, I think of this great, kind, smart, and peaceful family. Though most of the family is likely stateside, I wish their family members in Jordan well.

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