Sunday, November 20, 2005


No. 1 Trojans Survive Bulldog Effort - New York Times

No. 1 Trojans Survive Bulldog Effort - New York Times: "In other words, it may be nearly as memorable as U.S.C.�s last-minute victory at Notre Dame this season, which was deemed one of the greatest games in school history. The Trojans were not as impressive against the Bulldogs, but they remained resilient."

It is good to see Fresno sports covered this way in the NYT's. It was the best college football game I have ever seen. I am not normally a big college football fan, but you didn't have to be one to truly enjoy this battle. Fresno proved a lot in this game and gave the city much of the accolades it needs to become a national name. Everyone that watched was proud, impressed, and/or respected the way Fresno played last night.

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