Friday, November 18, 2005


This Guy's An Idiot

BREITBART.COM - Just The News: "An audiotape purportedly from the head of al-Qaida in Iraq said Friday the group's suicide bombers did not intend to bomb a Jordanian wedding party at an Amman hotel last week, killing about 30 people. The speaker on the tape, identified as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, also threatened to kill Jordan's King Abdullah II and bomb more hotels and tourist sites.
'Your star is fading. You will not escape your fate, you descendant of traitors. We will be able to reach your head and chop it off,' al- Zarqawi said, referring to the king.
Al-Zarqawi told Jordanians to stay away from bases used by U.S. forces in Jordan; hotels and tourist sites in Amman, the Dead Sea and the southern resort of Aqaba; and embassies of governments participating in the war in Iraq _ saying those areas would be targeted.
Al-Zarqawi said the bomber who detonated his explosives in the Radisson SAS hotel on Nov. 9 was targeting a hall where he claimed Israeli and American intelligence officials were meeting.
That bomb caused part of the roof to fall in the wedding hall.
'We didn't target them. Our target was halls being used by Zionist intelligence who were meeting there at the time,' he said. 'Our brothers knew their targets with great precision.' "

On the one hand, Zarqawi says that he never meant for the innocents to be killed, but moments later says that his bombers knew their targets with great precision? Is it just me or is that dopey? On top of it all, he suggests that he kill King Abdullah II. Uh, he is well liked. Zarqawi's poll numbers in Jordan are not so good right now, and I can't imagine how this bit of ignorance is going to help him recruit or maintain support. His lack of judgement on the bombing itself and this follow-up press piece are to the free world's advantage. Let's hope he continues to make these kinds of mistakes.

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