Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Is There Really a Shortage of Places to Put the Ten Commandments?

NKY.Com - 'Time we stood up to ACLU': "Northern Kentucky state lawmakers are lining up to support legislation that would permit the Ten Commandments to be displayed in public buildings.
Two downstate lawmakers - Rep. Stan Lee, R-Lexington, and Rep. Rick Nelson, D-Middlesboro - have filed separate bills that would basically clear the way for the Ten Commandments to be hung in public buildings, such as the State Capitol in Frankfort, as part of broader display of historical markers."

This push to have these markers in government offices is odd. If you go to high growth areas of the country, what you often see is tons of new churches. Then there are the millions of private homes and land. Then you have privately-owned stores. There is no shortage of non-governmental places to worship and display the Ten Commandments.
Smart Americans who feel it is necessary to display these publicly should be more creative. Let's use the traditional small town as an example. Most towns like this have a main town square with a Courthouse in the middle of the square. Bordering on each side, generally, are many little private businesses. Those who feel the Ten Commandments should be displayed in these areas should go to the private business owners and have the Ten Commandments displayed in the windows of the bordering businesses. This way, they get more displays and are not violating the Constitution.
The arguments for these displays make no sense, because if you replaced the Ten Commandments with verse from the Koran, the argument would be over very quickly. There is no war on Christianity or Christmas. Rather there is a great many of us who want religion to be a private matter, not a governmental one. Where I do agree with the Christians in their fuss is that people should not be kept from saying or referencing Christmas. I do, however, see businesses point in wanting to be inclusive. If you think that a good portion of your business comes from the Jewish population and you think your sales associates may not be able to distinguish between who may be traditional Christians and Jewish, you may want to cover the public relations issues by wishing people Happy Holidays. In that case, it may not be as much an exclusion of Christmas as an inclusion of those that believe otherwise.
This is simple. In a Democracy, as opposed to a Theocracy, government does not market religion. Government merely maintains the freedoms that allow people to worship as they please. I think we can all agree on that.

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