Thursday, January 05, 2006


Alexander easily wins MVP honors -Well Deserved!

Alexander easily wins MVP honors - NFL - Yahoo! Sports: "Alexander became the only player in NFL history with at least 15 TDs in five straight seasons and the fourth with consecutive 20-touchdown years. He became Seattle's career rushing leader this season.
'It's just like all the things -- the rushing title, the MVP, all those things -- it's exciting to talk about,' said the sixth-year pro out of Alabama. 'But I don't think it would mean that much until after I retire, because then it would actually hit me what it means.
'Right now, we're on this ride and it's just kind of one of those things; everything is kind of numb to us. It's all exciting. We're already in the second round of the playoffs, we've just got a bunch of cool things that we are really not used to.'
Seattle would like to get used to having Alexander in the backfield. But he could leave in the offseason.
He was designated the Seahawks' franchise player before this season and accepted the team's one-year, $6.323 million offer -- with a proviso. The team agreed not to use the same franchise tag on him in 2006.
So either the Seahawks come up with a huge financial package, or the MVP could be scoring touchdowns and gaining all those yards elsewhere next season.
'It is a business,' he said. 'The Seahawks have to make their own decisions. I am going to be happy for whatever they do.' "

It is nice to see a Northern Kentuckian make good. Shaun comes from a good family, has excelled in most things he has taken on, and seems to just be of just excellent character. And let's not forget that he is just so much fun to watch. He is all smiles, is constantly saying "put me in, coach", and has very rarely made the news negatively. In fact, I can only think of once that he said anything that caused any trouble. That is in a six year NFL career and his time in 'Bama. CB congratulates Shaun on this award, and hopes that Seattle can make him an acceptable offer as he is loyal, but not stupid.

Alright, bottom line, who's gonna win on Feb 5?

Super Bowl Forty
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