Wednesday, January 18, 2006


FYI-Hitchy is a Plaintiff in the ACLU's NSA Lawsuit - Two groups sue over NSA wiretap program - Jan 17, 2006: "Other plaintiffs include journalists Christopher Hitchens and Tara McKelvey, scholars Barnett Rubin and Larry Diamond, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Greenpeace and the Council on American-Islamic Relations."

If this proves anything, it proves that this man answers only to himself. He was willing to stand against Blumenthal publicly in the Clinton scandal. Then he was willing to more than just irritate all of his friends when he publicly supported Bush in the Iraq war. Now, he is standing up against what he sees as unconstitutional acts approved by the President. (Many of us wonder why the Administration wouldn't step into the FISA court within the 72 hour window.) And let's face it, Hitchy has never much worried about offending people. He is getting ready to launch a new anti-religion book. The fireworks...I can't wait. He has spoken openly about the limited humanity, let's say, of the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa. This book makes that look like a nudge compared to the all out knock-out punch that this book should be. I feel sorry for anyone who goes up against him in the many panel discussions that he will likely do to promote the book. Being embarassed by one of the best living minds would not be the way I would choose to spend an evening. Another of many kudos to Hitchy for impressing us with his courage.

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