Sunday, March 05, 2006


Oh Really?

Hillary Clinton 'unaware' of Bill's Dubai ties - Financial Times - "Hillary Clinton, a leading opponent of DP World's takeover of some US port operations, was this week forced to admit that she did not know her husband had advised Dubai leaders on how to handle the growing dispute.
But former President Bill Clinton's ties to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates should not have come as a surprise to his New York senator wife."

If she is to be the candidate for President in '08, those of us who enjoy a scrappy campaign don't like dopey stories like this one. The suggestion that she did not know of her husbands now years-long ties with the UAE is more than a thinking person can bear. It will be far too easy for her opponents to needle, and then the campaign will be a bore to follow, a fate worse than death for those of us who enjoy politics. I can't ask that she retract the statement as it is now out for public consumption, but maybe those of us political cheerleaders on the sidelines should start hoping for a different Dem that can actually provide decent political theater.

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