Friday, April 21, 2006


Do Teacher's Unions Care Anything About the Kids?

Mayor Puts Spotlight on Charter - Los Angeles Times: "In embracing charters, Villaraigosa waded into an increasingly divisive debate, aligning himself squarely against a longtime ally, the powerful teachers union.
Union leaders are vehemently opposed to the charter school movement, portraying them as quasi-private schools that have produced questionable results and drained resources from district coffers."

So the Charter Schools are effective, but the Teacher's Unions do not like them because they get district money. Shouldn't these people be asking how their schools can be transformed to be that effective instead of fighting them? Doesn't this suggest that the Unions care nothing about the youth's education? Doesn't this really say that Unions are not progressive, but rather very interested in maintaining a very sad status quo? This is Los Angeles they are talking about. LA is a place where a normal person locks their doors when driving past a high school that has just dismissed its students. If there is one model that is working anywhere in Los Angeles, we should all hope that model is spread out among the many schools in the city. I suppose that will take putting a sock in the mouth of the Union. That's sad, isn't it?

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