Thursday, April 20, 2006


Not Exactly Chocolates on the Pillow

Chinese man admits plot to import missiles to US�� "LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A Chinese national living in Southern California admitted on Wednesday trying to arrange the sale from China to the United States of 200 shoulder-fired missiles that can be used to bring down airplanes.
Chao Tung Wu, 51, pleaded guilty in Los Angeles federal court to conspiring to import the missiles for a buyer who turned out to be an undercover FBI agent."

Interesting timing for this release. This was put out the same day as a woman heckled Hu at the White House during a press conference. The FBI could have released the plea anytime. It didn't have to be when Hu was hangin' with Bushie at the WH. It is good to remind people, at a time like this, that China is both an ally and communist. Our relationship is complicated, both positive and negative. We are annoyed by their relationship with their own people. In fact, we are aghast at times. We also see a great deal of opportunity there with inexpensive, educated labor and a gargantuan market for American goods. In some cases, China has been helpful with our foreign policy, both currently with the War on Terror and in the past with other diplomatic puzzles. (Note: I couldn't name it when they have helped, but know that they must have or we would not be inviting them to luncheons at the White House with our best and brightest. That type of regaling is reserved for those that have proven themselves dedicated allies. At the same time, we are encouraging a heckler pretending to be press and releasing this spy plea. There is an underlying message that we could be better friends if they were adopting democratic principles. This has almost been a "you will never be Britain" welcome. And, indeed, they won't. Again, they are a friend, an ally, and Red.

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