Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Really Smart Hire!! - News - Cincinnati Native Becomes White House Press Secretary: "The president today named the Fox News commentator to be his new press secretary, replacing Scott McClellan.
Snow was born in Berea, Ky., but was raised in Cincinnati. He's a graduate of Princeton High School and briefly taught in the Cincinnati area.
Snow has sometimes been critical of Bush -- referring to him once as 'something of an embarrassment,' and another time as the architect of a 'listless domestic policy.'
Bush said he's asked Snow about that -- and that Snow told him, 'You should have heard what I said about the other guy.'
Bush joked to reporters that Snow knows most of them, but that he agreed to take the job anyway."

I am absolutely giddy about Tony Snow taking this job. I was not shy about my dislike of McClellan, and Snow will be everything that Scott wasn't. "He commands a lot of respect.", said David Gergen. I agree.

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