Sunday, May 14, 2006


It Wasn't Just Rumor After All

LRB letters from Vol. 21 No. 5: "By happy chance, I can refer him to a recent 'outing', conducted by Alexander Cockburn in the tabloid New York Press of the first week of February: 'Many's the time male friends have had to push Hitchens's mouth, fragrant with martinis, away, as, amid the welcomes and goodbyes, he seeks their cheek or lips.' Some good critics regard this as one of Cockburn's more polished pieces, especially dealing as it does with the absolute and inflexible requirement never to rat on an old pal. I offer it, though, as an example of a badge of supposed shame that one may wear with pride."

I have often felt a bit regretful of adding bisexual to my listing of apt adjectives describing Hitchy-Poo. I knew that a real journo would never put such trifle hearsay in a piece without confirmation. But, let's face it. I am not a real journo, and I love the flaws as much as I revel in the intellect. No, I did not just say that bi-sexuality was a flaw. But for a man of this age and rank, indecision is akin to flaw.

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