Saturday, May 06, 2006


Rep. Kennedy Acknowledges Drug Problem - New York Times

Rep. Kennedy Acknowledges Drug Problem - New York Times: "Although Representative Kennedy said Friday that he could not remember the crash, he issued a statement on Thursday night explaining it.
In the earlier statement, Mr. Kennedy said he was apparently disoriented at the time of the accident because he had been taking Ambien, a sleeping pill, and another medication, Phenergan, for treatment of a stomach disorder. Mr. Kennedy noted that Phenergan can 'cause drowsiness and sedation.' He did not specify the pain medication to which he said he had been addicted."

I have a suggestion. This would be a website that documents the whereabouts of the Kennedy clan at all times for the protection of the American public. This way we can check to see if a Kennedy will be flying over or driving in the same city. We can plan around the Kennedy's. "Safety and Security for the American People"

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