Saturday, May 06, 2006


What Does Disciplined and Reassigned Mean?

ABC News: Officer Disciplined in Kennedy Crash: "'I would say within law enforcement that there is probably � concern that consideration was given a member of Congress that would not be afforded a normal citizen on the street,' said Lou Cannon, president of the Fraternal Order of Police for the District of Columbia.
McGaffin would not elaborate on the disciplinary actions, but he did say 'significant administrative and personnel corrective action has been taken.' Other officers may be disciplined. No one has been fired at this point."

Another report I read said reassigned. Neither of those words really mean much. He could have been disciplined by being told he should have made it appear better and reassigned to the next block for all the public knows. I actually don't mind that the wealthy and powerful get special treatment, because that is just another incentive for all of us to try and get wealthy and powerful. This case, however, is rough to take, because DUI's are the life blood of so many city coffers and it takes a great deal of money and time for many DUI offenders to handle. I am not really taking up for those that break the law, but just feel that this should have been treated like any other DUI and that the point should be more clearly taken by the Capitol Police.

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