Sunday, May 14, 2006


A Writer's Love

For the four or five of you who log in to read this on occasion, I thought I would cover a topic you might have noticed. I love commas. They are cute. And though not an endangered species, I feel they need to be used more often. And with this love comes a hate. The colon and semi-colon. They are just so haughty with that upper dot and all. It is too much, really. I love my little subterranean punctuation. It is as unpretentious as the period, yet ever more versatile. So as you read and find error in their absence, just know that it is out of an abundance of love that I list, pause, and separate with my cute little comma.

Yes, but the comma can, if used, well, excessively, become, in my opinion, which you may or may not value, depending on your perspective, a nuisance, since punctuation, like everything else in life, is subject, typically, to the law, from economics, of diminishing marginal utility.

Everything in moderation, with the comma's cousin -- the m-dash -- and it's half-sibling (the parenthetical expression) helping out when appropriate.

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