Saturday, June 10, 2006


Children Are Not the Only Ones Who Watch TV

Children, TV and the FCC�-�Commentary�-�The Washington Times, America's Newspaper: " This bill is just a small part of what must be a larger effort to see that television -- and indeed all media -- can be a positive influence on the minds of our children.
Our children's minds are our nation's most valuable resource. Our children will produce the next great ideas, great inventions and great art. If television is to be so pervasive in shaping their minds, it is in our national interest to vigorously protect them. In the modern world, it takes more than a village to make television a positive influence for children, it takes a society -- parents, educators, advocates, broadcasters, producers, and yes, government regulation."

I understand that parenting is challenging and that much of media is not helping the effort, but legislation on what is suitable for the nation's children is not the answer either. Television's purpose is not to be an influence on children. Children are not the only viewers. There are some of us who prefer a show about adult topics told in an adult way. That should be allowed. The rest of us, adults, want to watch television that is not concerned about a possible eight year old viewer, but rather about entertaining. I prefer cursing in my television, and give my eyes and ears to those that fulfill that desire. Eight year olds should not watch what I prefer and there should not be legislation trying to bar my preferences from the airwaves either.

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