Monday, August 28, 2006


Good Emmy's But Very Insensitive

Hot Air � Blog Archive � Video: Emmy Parodies Planecrash Hours After Kentucky Accident: "On the other hand, if the Comair crash had happened on the Left Coast, would NBC have gone through with the skit?"

I think this question really sums it up, and I think it is clear that the skit would have been pulled. The 49 souls on that plane had reach far beyond fly-over country (a former Habitat for Humanity Humanitarian of the Year award winner, members of prominent families, and a Minor League baseball player). I found that from across country, I was uncomfortable with the skit. Also, we want those families to be able to watch the show and get their minds off of such things. It would have just shown good tastes and respect to change it. And let's face it, the skit wasn't funny.

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