Thursday, August 24, 2006


An Interesting Pattern

Storm's Escape Routes: One Forced, One Chosen - New York Times: "Atlanta's evacuees, more likely to have left New Orleans before the flooding, often express enthusiasm for starting over in a place where even dishwashers start at $7 an hour. It is not unusual to hear people here declare the hurricane a net positive in their lives. In Houston, a city that offers similar economic opportunity, the mood lies on the far side of resignation, closer to homesickness and despair."

This passage represents a pattern that I have seen in other situations. While we always loathe lay-offs and similar experiences, I have noticed that those very experiences tend to be a net positive over time. It forces a person into an uncomfortale change, but people often find a better way to live. It seems counter-intuitive, and we certainly would never wish a bad time for people, but when it does happen, it can be very positive in the end. The flip-side of that, represented by many of the evacuees in Houston, is a sad reflection (according to the article) of the number of people routed there, and their lack of means upon arrival. Maybe this article will help get the word out to prompt employers to extract evacuees from Houston to other cities for good jobs. That would be a blessing for both the city and the evacuees.

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