Sunday, August 13, 2006


Six Years In and We Are Just Now Finding Out?

Is Bush a Conservationist or Eco Disaster? - Newsweek Technology - "Before moving into the White House, George W. Bush built the kind of vacation home that Al Gore might have designed. His Texas ranch captures rain and wastewater for landscaping. Solar panels line the roof and an underground geothermal system provides heating and air conditioning. There's even a protected forest that is home to the rare golden-cheeked warbler."

It is interesting what the Administration brags about and what it doesn't. The house doesn't prove the President is an ardent conservationist, but it does suggest an awareness that has not been talked about before. If someone had described the house and asked who I thought had it, the President would have never been uttered. Doesn't he have a model for behavior for others of his wealth? Shouldn't we be holding this up as an example? They quite possibly are. I really hope so.

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