Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Junior Achievement

Students score high in the art of free enterprise - Los Angeles Times: "Junior Achievement, founded in 1919, is the grizzled veteran of the kid-trepreneur business.
Last year, the nonprofit Junior Achievement trained more than 7 million students worldwide in the value of free enterprise. The curriculum, which starts in elementary school, emphasizes financial literacy, career-development skills and how to organize and run student-powered businesses.
This school year, its Southern California chapter is launching a project to curb the dropout rate among Latino high school students. Modeled after a program launched in Georgia a few years ago, the Latino initiative will recruit local Latino business professionals to serve as role models and work with students."

Junior Achievement is a great organization. I was involved with their student programs when I was in high school. I took their economics class, did their after-school entrepreneurship program, was awarded attendance to their International Student Forum twice, and was awarded a college scholarship for my involvement. Though I was unable to use their scholarship, the experiences that I had in the many hours with JA-associated activities were without question some of the best experiences I had in my high school years. Not being the greatest of students, JA gave me a place where I could think, work hard, and excel. If readers are looking for a place to contribute money, this is one of many very valuable organizations that should get a look.

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