Sunday, October 29, 2006


A Mistake: 'Studio 60’ Cancellation Iminent - 'Studio 60’ Cancellation Iminent - Celebrity Gossip Entertainment News Arts And Entertainment: "Sorkin and friends will argue that NBC has done something wrong, or that the audience isn’t smart enough. Alas, in this case, neither is true. 'Studio 60'—as I wrote on August 7th after viewing the pilot—is just a bad show. There’s nothing wrong with the acting, directing, or dialogue writing. But the premise is faulty. No one cares whether a bunch of over caffeinated, well off yuppies, some with expensive drug habits, put on a weekly comedy sketch show from Los Angeles.
Even worse: no one cares whether or not the people from the Bartlett White House puts on a comedy show. That’s what 'Studio 60' is, essentially: the 'West Wing' annual talent show. There’s so much earnestness involved in this endeavour, you start to think that nuclear war will be declared if the 'Studio 60' staff doesn’t air some joke—usually one we don’t hear anyway. The whole thing just feels weighted down and frankly, not entertaining."

This review could not be more wrong. This is actually a good show. It is a really good show. It does have the same timing as West Wing. That was what we loved about West Wing. It is funny. We do care what happens to the characters. This review is just aggravating. Sorkin, whether or not you agree with him, is a genius. There isn't another writer on television or the movies who can get my attention like him, with the possible exception of the writer of, I think, a two part drama on HBO a couple of years ago. That was genius as well. NBC would be making a huge mistake by not letting this show gain its audience and come into its own as a favorite. I hope his information is wrong! Ugh!

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