Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Oppose Ford's Opposition

Ford camp's answers vary on Playboy party - Nashville, Tennessee - Tuesday, 10/24/06 - "Tuesday, 10/24/06
The way Republicans like to tell it, Harold Ford Jr. partied with Playboy playmates at a Super Bowl Party last year.
So, was he there or not?
Responses from the Memphis Democrat and his campaign have varied:
His campaign, when asked Monday, said the war in Iraq, not Playboy parties, is what reporters should be inquiring about in the U.S. Senate race.
Then, later in the day, campaign adviser Michael Powell said, 'Consider the source. It was in a gossip column.'
In Ford's own words, he told interviewer George Stephan-
opoulos a couple of Sundays ago, 'I've never been to a Playboy mansion party.'
In a September interview on WVLZ-AM in East Tennessee, Ford was asked by a listener about the party and he said, 'Yeah, when I was at the Super Bowl one year, I believe I was at a party that, that Hugh Hefner or somebody from Playboy may have been at. … I was at a party where I learned later … that Hugh Hefner may have been there.' A transcript of the interview on The Voice radio show was released by the Tennessee Republican Party.
Two commercials by national Republican groups have raised questions about Ford's moral values by mentioning his partying lifestyle, both citing a Feb. 8, 2005, article in Roll Call, a congressional newspaper on Capitol Hill.
In it, writer Mary Ann Akers reported that Ford 'was spotted at the Playboy Super Bowl party in Jacksonville, Fla. … chock full of scantily clad bunnies.'"

First of all, Ford is a smart guy. Second, he is single. Third, there are many worse things to be concerned with than whether he hung out with lingerie ladies. I hate that they are playing the race card (the commercial that has a white woman saying she met him at a Playboy party). That really appeals to the very worst in these Southerners. I was born in Tennessee, and I just hate the idea that people from that state can be manipulated by such disgusting, base , and racist commercials. We should be supporting Harold Ford for his ability, desire and history of actually thinking through issues. Now, we should support him more vigorously to combat his opponent's backward political approach.

Couldn't agree more! Party or no party, the candidate who authorizes this type of garbage in the name of a political campaign ad needs to be 'spanked' harshly on election day.

If I was there, I'd vote for Ford for no other reason than he is running against a maggot!

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