Saturday, November 11, 2006


Find Middle Ground Between Fraud Prevention and Action

Slow Home Grants Stall Progress in New Orleans - New York Times: "NEW ORLEANS — The $7.5 billion program to rebuild Louisiana by helping residents repair or replace their flooded homes has gotten off to a slow start, frustrating government officials and outraging many homeowners who say they are still in limbo 14 months after Hurricane Katrina hit.
Greg Abry, a contractor, checking hurricane damage Thursday at the home of Therese Fitzpatrick and Michael Homan in New Orleans. They are appealing the amount of a grant from a state-run program.
Cassandra D. Wall plans to attend a protest against the handling of a New Orleans rebuilding program. Though nearly 79,000 families have applied to the program, called the Road Home, only 1,721 have been told how much grant money they will receive. And just 22 have received access to the cash, which was provided by federal taxpayers and is being distributed by the state."

I get the excuse that those running the program will be under fire if the money is found to be handed out without extensive checking, but the delay should also be under fire. There has to be a way to do this effectively as well as efficiently. These are people that absolutely need the help. The money would not have been granted them otherwise. We must write about this, fuss, and try to provoke action.

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