Monday, December 25, 2006


Hollywood Writers Aren't Remembering Their Own Refrain

Comedy writers aren't laughing about 'Studio 60' - Los Angeles Times: "Sorkin's 'West Wing' was meticulously researched and seen as largely accurate about life in Washington: Did the auteur producer-writer raise the bar so high for himself that 'Studio 60' is unfairly scrutinized? Is this segment of viewers in Hollywood simply too aware of what 'Studio 60' gets wrong to enjoy the show?
One comedy show runner, who asked that her name be withheld, said: 'The New Orleans crisis or the war has never touched my life in television.'
'They never laugh,' Levine said of the show's characters. 'We laugh all the time. It is the one saving grace of the job.'
'The fact that they don't seem to know how a sketch comedy show like 'SNL' is written, that needs to be remedied,' said Joe Reid, who recaps 'Studio 60' each week for Television Without Pity. 'It doesn't seem authentic at all.'
Gillette said Sorkin's approach to comedy just seems off. 'He wants to get big ideas across and change people's minds,' she said. 'No comedians work that way. They go for the laughs first and the lesson second.'
In contrast, all of these nitpicking writers and comedians seem to like '30 Rock,' the Tina Fey sitcom on NBC that is also about the making of a 'Saturday Night Live'-esque show.
'Even though it's essentially a cartoon, '30 Rock' is still a more realistic look at what behind-the-scenes life on 'SNL' is like,' said Levine. 'And it's worth watching just for Alec Baldwin.'
Lynn said, ' '30 Rock' isn't offensive at all…. When they do sketches, they're not thinly veiled opportunities for political commentary, they're goofy, 'SNL'-like sketches..."

I would just like to point out that these are the same people that will say, when criticized, that 'it is only TV, fantasy'. So to them, I would like to say, 'it is only TV, fantasy'. I would like to add that this is a good show, and that I like that they are trying to make statements, or at least enjoy the statements Sorkin wants to make. I agree that the sketch show doesn't seem funny. Sorkin is much better at wit than comedy. I plain don't care. I would also agree with the writer that said that they are more concerned with the laugh, and if there is a statement, then that is secondary. In TV, I would think it would have to be that way. But again, this is fantasy.

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