Monday, January 29, 2007


"Genius" Should Always Be Rouded Out by Human and Flawed

Trove of letters shows Einstein's human side - Los Angeles Times: "In fact, according to Walter Isaacson, former managing editor of Time magazine and author of a forthcoming biography, Einstein in 1915 was 'awesomely human.'"

The article is a must read. I often say this, but my small snippet and response is not nearly enough. In fact, we should probably all read the book on which the article is based. I know my blog has very obvious themes. I have recurring themes in my life too. I think we all do. Literary terms like themes, foreshadowing and others, all come from life, but can be written in masterful and ugly ways. I was struck by that as a kid learning the basics of literature. As I have gotten older (not much, but some), I have learned to appreciate humanity, the genius, only if you understand the flaws. Genius is really no fun, not interesting, without them. It turns out that Einstein was just a man. What a wonderful discovery!

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