Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Early Bowing to the Religious Right

NKY.Com - Senator to run at White House: "Brownback supports a flat national income tax, opposes efforts and legal actions to 'remove religion from the public square,' wants abortion made illegal, opposes gay marriage, believes the way to save Social Security is through private investment accounts and says Congress and the federal government spend too much money."

Some very interesting things have been said in this early campaign season. Though rather obvious from my few recent posts, Republicans are now scaring me, where I used to agree a great deal more with their platform. McCain said recently that Roe should be overturned. What? If he has thought this way all along, I certainly didn't sense it or hear him say it. If he didn't feel this way all along, then this is merely to get the far right to see him as viable. Then there was Brownback in my old stomping grounds saying the same about abortion, but was adding anti-gay remarks, and the ridiculous desire to have 'his' religion in the public square. The article went on to say that Brownback may be a good running mate to a Rudy or McCain to lure the far right. If he is given the nomination or is added to a ticket, I will be forced to vote for whatever idiot the Democrats put up. Or I could just stay home and eat popcorn...

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