Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Halliburton Gets Out of the U.S.

Halliburton's Dubai move sparks US political ire - Yahoo! News: "Does this mean they are going to quit paying taxes in America?' asked Clinton, a US presidential candidate.
'They get a lot of government contracts, is this going to affect the investigations that are going on? Because we have a lot of evidence of misuse of government contracts and how they have cheated the American soldier and cheated the American taxpayer,' Clinton, speaking in New York, said of Halliburton."

Halliburton is moving from a country where their name has been villified and been accused of all matter of cheating, stealing and fraud to a country that wants that business there, is welcoming them. And isn't it a hoot that the biggest Democratic face asks whether they will continue to pay U.S. taxes and voices concern that it will be more difficult to investigate them? If they really have defrauded the government, they really should be punished for that, but at this point, it all seems a bit more headline that heart of the matter. I can't fault them for moving to a place that will value the size and kinds of services Halliburton provides. I'm not sure who the U.S. government would turn to if they didn't have Halliburton to call on. Anyway, well wishes to them in their new abode.

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