Saturday, March 24, 2007


People are Stupid, 244th Edition

A Flood of Pleas to F.C.C.: No Phones on Planes, Please - New York Times: "Never, never, never ever allow cellphones on planes. It’s bad enough on earth to hear people babbling all day, no matter where they are. Flying is miserable enough without those added egotistic talkers. Have a heart.
— Posted by Esther Whitaker
It’s a terrible idea — bound to lead to rage among already stressed passengers. Why not allow (silent) Internet use, including instant messaging?
— Posted by Marilyn Showalter"

Here are just a couple of the pleas, on the NYT's website, to disallow cell phones on planes. I can't even begin to explain how stupid I think these people are, as one child in a plane is far worse than ten adults with cell phones. We can't ban children, but sometimes I daydream about it when I am unable to sleep on my flight. Cell phones have become the new thing to hate. It was the overweight and smokers, but cell phones have really drawn a very strange ire lately. Here is one thing I know. I don't leave the house without it. Why? I remember that on 9/11 across the continent from where the horror actually was, I was on my cell phone getting solace from my parents. More importantly, the victims, some of them, used their cell phones to have their sacred last words with their families. I never realized the importance of them until that day. I haven't forgotten either.
Many of us only use our cell phone. Our landline is merely a means to internet access and gate entries. I do my business strictly on a cell phone. I have closed deals that pay the bills in grocery stores, pack and ship places, and other odd locations. Having the convenience of being able to talk to the parties just as they are able and willing to make decisions is a very powerful tool. The freedom my phone allows me is priceless, really.
So, I can be what all of those cranky (er, than even I like) people who hate smokers and cell phone users. I smoke while celling. What do you think about that?

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