Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Let Me Translate

The Cincinnati Post - AIG museum debuts: "James Martus of Mason, Ohio, came with his son's family and clutched his grandson's hand as he waited in line.
'When they're young they're more impressionable than when they get older,' he said."

What this man, waiting in line with his grandson for the Creation Museum, was really saying was 'tell them stupid stuff while they are still too young to know better. When they get older, they will challenge you in ways that are impossible to answer'. As a person who grew up in this part of the country, I can be somewhat reassured by the 200 protesters (though there should have been ten times that many). It, as I have blogged before, is one of the most embarrassing things about Northern Kentucky now. We have quite a few things vying for most embarrassing, but this is now at the top of the list. One hopes that the science teachers and others in positions of power will teach children in responsible ways such that they will understand that the biblical explanation of the beginning of time is not scientific and not a proper explanation. My fear is that they will take the argument too far, unnecessarily, and come under fire when the whole of their argument is correct. That is a difficult line when passion about science and passion about religion are at odds. In fact, I was thinking last night that it would be good to go and see what they are saying, if only to be able to make fun of it more specifically. The problem, though is that I would have to pay them to get in. Giving folks money to keep something like this open is against everything I stand for. Plus, I work hard for my money. This would be among the last places I would want to see have it. Anyway, thank goodness for the protesters who let the world know that Kentucky is not all rednecks.

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