Friday, June 15, 2007


Watching Strippers is Not a Crime or a Moral Wrong

Duke Player Testifies in Hearing on Prosecutor - New York Times: "Durham County district attorney Michael B. Nifong admitted today that he “crossed the line” of ethical standards in some of the public statements he made about the Duke University lacrosse players he charged with rape.
Reade W. Seligmann, left, testified at a hearing on whether Michael B. Nifong violated ethics standards in pursuing the case against the three Duke students. But he said other mistakes made in the case, including mishandling evidence and not turning favorable DNA tests over to defense lawyers, were based on his inexperience in handling felony cases and oversight."

I am so very, very tired of listening to people say, "Nifong is a bad guy, but these boys hired a stripper. They aren't choir boys." There are strip clubs in every little burg in the world frequented by believers, atheists and even a church leader from time to time. This does not have anything to do with godliness, morals or anything at all like that. Whether you believe or not, sexuality is literally a part of our beings, and not everyone has a chance at missionary position when their partner happens to not have a headache a couple of days a week. It is really stupid and disgusting to try to cast aspersions on these guys for wanting to look at naked women. It's beyond me how anyone can be upset by that. Putting aside for the moment that they are college age, they are sexual beings. To look at naked women is a very natural desire for men of all ages, and we need to just get over our superiority complex when it comes to these types of issues. I don't think wanting to look at naked women should be a class issue anymore either. They are no less white collar for wanting to see skin. White collar or collarless, paying a woman who likes to show herself off is just not abnormal or immoral. Can we please stop saying that what has been done to them is horrible, BUT...

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