Thursday, July 05, 2007


Billy Clyde is Already Taking a Beating...

Sidelines: Gillispie making life tough for old friend: "if clyde wins 20 games i won't like him at all. if he wins 25 i will tolerate him. if he wins 30 i will like him. if he goes undefeated and wins the national title i will love him like one of my children. i am not a fanatic, just a typical big blue fan."

The story was about Billy Clyde Gillespie recruiting against his old and dear friend Bill Self. People's comments, like the one I linked on, are interesting. Why can't we support our team until there is no reason as opposed to wrinkling our brow until they do it right. I mean, UK is our team. These are "our boys". They will succeed or fail wearing our colors, listening and reading our cheers and jeers, and will find us the most supportive of fans (when they win). In fact, we are supportive even when they don't in many ways. We watch with anticipation during the preseason. We watched when they were suspended from the Championship even. We love basketball, and feel no shame in it whatsoever. Let the man coach. Let the boys play. Then if they do not show progress, make up your big signs and march outside of the practice facility to let them know how you really feel. Until then, I am thrilled to have a firecracker in a suit and tie as a coach. And seriously does it get any better than Billy Clyde for a Kentucky coach's name? I didn't think so.

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