Thursday, July 12, 2007


Israeli Rabbi Should Consider the Effects of his Misogyny

Chief Israeli rabbi denounces career women: "Israel's chief Ashkenazi rabbi has denounced the 'phenomenon of women who make their careers on the backs on their children,' the tabloid Maariv reported on Thursday.
'The principle role of the Jewish mother throughout the generations has been to take care of the home and the children,' Yona Metzger told a religious assembly earlier in the week, the daily said.
'It is important that this principle be respected,' he said, adding that 'a prolonged absence by women from home is damaging for children's education.'
The rabbi said he was not against women working, on the condition that they 'don't build careers.' "

I suppose, on this line of thought, that it was better for my grandmother to go without clothes and eating beans and bread three meals a day just so her mother could take care of the home. And, sure, a confident woman who "builds a career" is a home-wrecker? It would be horrible if a woman had a career of her own when her husband keeled over from a heart attack at forty, right? It is better for a woman to be a stay-at-home Mom dependent on that man even if he is unfaithful and beats her, her children, right? Yona, some of us believe that women have more to offer than the mere capacity to dust the living room.

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