Monday, August 13, 2007


The Fuss Over Rove's Walk is Not Very Well Thought Out

Marc Ambinder: "I could be wrong here, but I distinctly recall conversations with Rove friends who've told me that his struggles with faith did not lead him to Jesus Christ. Yet he knew and understood how to interact with (and manipulate, at times) the standard-bearers of the evangelical right and the Catholic conservative intellectual elite; he studied them like a sociologist; he knew their language, totems and insecurities, and in the White House, he used the powers of government to give them their voice and to fill their ego-needs."

I awoke this morning to Chris Matthews huddling with David Gregory about what could have "pushed" Rove out at this particular time. Citing the investigations and the country's mistrust, the two ignorantly pondered his motivation. Guess what? The campaign strategist is getting out of the White House just before the campaign season. Any other supposition is moronic. Does he want more time with his family? Probably, but he probably wants to get someone else elected more.
The best part of his press conference today was when he was hitting all of the religious g-spots as he said goodbye. It has been more than publicized that he does not think that way, yet he knew how important it would be to the "next chapter" of his life. Whoever he chooses to assist will need the votes of the churchies just as W did.

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